Happy Clients

My coaching sessions with Stewart coincided with my taking on a new role, in an unfamiliar part of my organisation where I was managing a large team. My sessions with Stewart allowed me to identify what I wanted to achieve both in the short and medium term and, consequently, what success in my role would look like. As a result, with Stewart's support, I was able to construct a set of priorities and then to define an action-plan in order to deliver on those priorities. The fact that Stewart was formerly an MD in a large financial services firm means that he easily understood the context of my new role as well as the challenges and opportunities that such a role would provide, which made for an enormously constructive coaching relationship.
By Philip Aiken - Head of Legal, Barclays Wealth and Investment Management
Working with Stewart has been fantastic. His approach has been very refreshing and a great source of very valuable insights. Working with Stewart has enabled me to consider both day to day challenges, as well as longer term personal career goals. As a relative newcomer to the legal sector the challenges for me were wide and varied. I felt confident in describing situations to Stewart as they arose and also in his way of getting me think of new approaches and methods of seeking solutions to things. I would consider working with Stewart again in future and I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with him during what I consider to be a pivotal stage in my career and my own personal development. I would be happy to recommend Stewart as a top quality coach!
By Alistair McDonald - Head of Marketing and Business Development, TLW Solicitors
Stewart is extremely supportive, combining excellent management skills and exceptional people skills. He is effective at reading people and working with them to develop and improve performance by understanding their individual strengths and needs. Stewart is committed to helping people reach their potential.
By Jennifer McCormick - Senior Counsel & Director at BMO Financial Group
Stewart is very committed to supporting his teams' personal and professional development and his genuine, constructive, engaged style helps people to really understand articulate their goals and to identify and take the opportunities to progress towards them.
By Martin Homberger - Head of Legal, Middle East Barclays