1 on 1 Coaching

My recent coaching clients include international law firm private practice partners based in the UK and overseas, heads of in-house legal, global heads of compliance and COO functions in financial services firms, and senior leaders in sectors outside of the legal and financial services sector. My coaching clients have presented a range of subjects, from business planning (strategic direction, winning new clients, new role planning, lateral hire transition, building associate teams) to enabling sustainable changes in behaviour (enhancing communication skills and self-confidence in informal and formal settings, approaches to conflict, leadership styles to get the best out of team members).

Designing and delivering development programmes

I don't use the term "soft" skills, because they are hard to master. And few professionals possess the full set of skills to flourish in their role. Programme themes include: (1) core leadership skills; (2) building quality relationships with business colleagues, (3) challenging conversations; (4) giving and receiving feedback; (5) dealing with difficult stakeholders; (6) understanding and transitioning through change; and (7) networking.

Team Coaching

I have coached senior leadership teams on topics such as landing change, dealing with conflict, new team formation, decision-making, and values and mission setting


Design and delivery of events, such as leadership team and departmental off sites. Injecting energy into proceedings to ensure you get the most out of the event, and beyond...


My recent consulting projects have included the in-depth analyses of operating models for in-house legal departments, using interviews and facilitated workshops to gather data and enable change. I recently completed a project on client secondments, making practical recommendations on how all parties can best benefit from what is often a costly arrangement.
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